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Hi, and welcome to C-TAC.   I am Ben Chism, and I have been working construction for many years.   I started out working at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, TX, and then transitioned to  Glorieta Camps near Santa Fe, NM. I worked construction jobs that ranged from building cabins in the woods to remodeling buildings into coffee shops.  I have experience in minor electric work, plumbing, flooring, rock work, landscaping, and more.

In addition, I worked for several years for a high-end window washing company called Window Man, based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  

I also gained landscaping experience as I provided landscaping for the camps and mowed lawns for a side job when I was in college. I then continued to do odd jobs with landscaping for friends and family.


I also have experience in deep cleaning. While in college, I supplemented my income doing guest home and vacation home cleaning, camp guest room cleaning, and office building cleaning. 


For most of my life, I was either working for a company or for someone else.  Covid-19 changed everything!  I decided to put all of my skills and experience into building my own business, C-TAC. Chism Total Appearance Care is the total package when it comes to home care.  I do renovations, house maintenance, landscaping and more.  I have  created a business that covers the whole spectrum of property appearance and function! Whether you're looking to complete a project or just have your house cleaned, at C-TAC we have you covered!  

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