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Droplets on the Window

about our window washing/power washing

At C-TAC we understand that window washing can make a big difference in appearance.  When we get to work for you, we make sure it is done right.  Check out some of the services we offer when it comes to your windows!

window washing

When we wash your windows we do our best to eliminate streaks. We use Dawn soap because it cuts through the worst of grime and is environmentally safe. When we wash the interior we use drop cloths so there are no messes.


Sometimes window frames are dirty.  At C-TAC, we make sure that we clean those off before we start on the windows.


If your windows have screens, we brush them off and wipe down the edges before we put them back on.


After the windows are done, the tracks are clean, and the frames have been cleaned, we move on to the window sills for a complete shine!


After washing your windows,  we clean the tracks as well.

Clean windows,

clean screens,

clean tracks!

Power Washing 

If window washing isn't enough to make your building's appearance shine, we can power wash the siding and porches as well !

window washing
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